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spectator disruptions at commencement

Spectator Disruptions at Commencement

Spectator outbursts at commencement are an unfortunate reality at many schools, and can detract from the dignity of the ceremony.  In our three part series, we'll examine steps you can take to discourage these disruptions, and ways to handle them once they do occur.

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handshake photographs at commencement

Handshake Photographs at Commencement

Because the handshake photograph is so important to graduates and their families, a good photographer strives to secure the best vantage point. This four-part series was developed to help commencement coordinators understand the ideal distance, height, and angle for this once-in-a-lifetime photograph.

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appropriate length of a commencement ceremony

How long should a graduation ceremony last?

Debate on this topic can get surprisingly heated, especially at larger schools and universities. Although there are no right answers to this question, we have some interesting insights as a company that attends thousands of events each year. In our two-part series, we'll examine generalities about the length of commencement, and steps you can take to reduce the length of your event if necessary.

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green screen technology at commencement

Green Screen Photography

Although green screen technology has been around for decades, it wasn't until digital photography became mainstream that it could be deployed at graduation ceremonies. Our two-part series explains how green screens can be used for ceremony portraits, but more importantly, why it may not be right for every school.

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